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Novel Destinations - Scandinavia

Welcome to Scandinavia, where the weather outside is chilly, skies perpetually grey, and the forecast is sinister with a chance of scattered murders.


The Draining Lake

When the water level of a lake drops, a human skeleton is found tied to a Russian listening device. The history of a murder and a missing hubcap follow. (Iceland)


The Last Fix

A young woman is murdered under bizarre circumstances. The solving of the crime is the star. (Norway)


The Indian Bride

An act of murder exposes the poignancy of a dream, the intensity of living, and the humility of just being human. (Norway)


What Never Happens

A serial murderer specializing in killing celebrities is resurrecting a much older crime. (Norway)


The Ice Princess

The atmosphere is bleak, the town practically deserted, the secrets deadly. (Sweden)


The Redbreast

Alleged Nazi ties and the presence of a criminal skinhead element come together in a suspenseful look at a Norway not found in guidebooks.(Norway)


Mind's Eye: An Inspector Van Veeteren Mystery

A man goes to prison for killing his wife. He didn't do it. (Sweden)


The Troubled Man

The investigation into a Cold War-era mystery magnifies societal problems of modern Sweden. (Sweden)


Roseanna: A Martin Beck Mystery

A mystery deepens when a woman is found murdered and no one reports her missing. (Sweden)