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Fiction set in Ireland

Fiction set in and around the Emerald Isle.


The Infinities

As Adam Godley lies dying with his family surrounding him, ancient Greek gods become involved with the mortals.


Five Days Apart

Dubliners and best friends David and Alex fall for the same woman and, appropriately, bitterness ensues.


Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show

In Ireland in the 1930s, eighteen-year-old Ben follows Venetia's show from town to town, hoping to find his wayward father.


Shadow on the Land

This story follows the lives of Alex and Emily Hamilton and their family in Ulster, Northern Ireland during World War II. Alex works in a textile mill and Emily cares for homesick American soldiers, and the two persevere in dire circumstances.


The Dead Republic

Henry Smart collaborates with a Hollywood director to make a movie of his life in Ireland as an IRA assassin. Prior novels in this trilogy include A Star Called Henry and Oh Play That Thing.


Faithful Place

It is clear now that Rosie Daley didn't run away from Frank Mackey all those years ago, as her remains have been found in an empty house. In trying to solve the mystery of what happened to her, Frank must confront all the things (and people) in his old Dublin neighborhood he wanted to leave behind. Two earlier novels by French are also part of this series.


Bleed a River Deep

A detective of Ireland's National Police Service, Inspector Devlin is assigned to protect a political activist from the United States. Unfortunately, things go awry and Devlin finds himself in the midst of a murder and other crimes.


An Irish Country Girl

The tale of how a farmer's daughter from the glens of County Cork in the 1920s becomes Kinky Kincade, housekeeper extraordinaire.