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Holocaust Fiction

Ponder these fictional stories about the horrors of the Holocaust and the people who witnessed and endured them.



This novel is structured as a panorama of snapshots of Josef Kramer's life. While Josef's life starts in the World War I era, two snapshots of the book deal with his internment in a labor camp. A deeply philosophical work, the novel is largely autobiographical and employs stream of consciousness prose.


Day After Night

Four Jewish women rescued from the Atlit internment camp near Palestine find themselves in new lands with new lives. The story of their rescue is presented through the eyes of these women, along with their struggles to move past the horrors they have experienced.


Every Man Dies Alone

A work of fiction based on the story of Otto and Elise Hampel, a German couple who attempted to organize an opposition movement to the Third Reich.


Heidegger's Glasses

Martin Heidegger has written a letter to his optometrist who dies in the labor camp at Auschwitz. The landscape of Nazi Germany is recreated throughout the story, partly through Heidegger's philosophical ideas.


The Things We Cherished

This is the love story of two Americans. Charlotte Gold and Jack Harrington are lawyers who join forces in Europe to defend a client in a Nazi crimes case. The case leads them to Germany, Poland, and Italy to try to find answers to this Holocaust mystery.


The Death of the Adversary

Originally published in German in 1959, this is the fictional story of one man's observations of "the adversary's" rise to power, and is a parable of a Jew witnessing the rise of Hitler. Powerfully psychological, it lends insight into the insidiousness of the Nazis' reign. The author wrote the novel while in hiding during World War II.


The Kindly Ones

A French award-winning novel written by an American, this story is narrated by a Nazi who is responsible for, or a witness to, many horrific crimes.