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George Romero

Horror Films

When you think of George Romero, you think of zombies...but not all Romero films have zombies! Don't miss out on the evil monkeys, mysterious cats, vampires, and motorcycle gangs.

Betrayed by everyone closest to him, including his boss, best friend and wife, Henry awakes one morning after a party to discover he has "lost" his identity. Now a featureless phantom, Henry goes out on a bloody rampage of revenge in an attempt to regain his humanity.
Five shocking yarns, each a virtuoso exercise in the ghouls-and-gags style of classic '50s horror comics.
Dawn of the Dead
The survivors of a worldwide plague that is producing the flesh-hungry undead take refuge in a mega shopping mall.
Day of the Dead
A nightmarish, flesh-eating army of walking corpses rules the Earth, while a small band of scientists desperately tries to domesticate them.
Diary of the Dead
A group of college film students struggle for their own survival while documenting the pandemic rise of flesh-eating zombies.
A cult classic of modern-day bikers who look and act like Knights of the Round Table. Fierce fighting on roaring stell steeds prove who is bravest, who is strongest, who deserves to be king.
Land of the Dead
Zombies have become the dominant population, and they've begun to show signs of undead intelligence and gathering power. The wealthiest human survivors live in a barricaded safe zone and ignore the horrors of the outside world while armed scavengers stage raids in the zombie zone to gather much-needed food and supplies.
The story of a young man, living with relatives in Pittsburgh, who may be a vampire.
Monkey Shines
One man's inner fury is telepathically channeled through his beloved monkey, which carries out his most devious thoughts.
Night of the Living Dead
A simple, peaceful countryside is being terrorized by killer zombies with only one thing on their minds - destroy all humans. A small stronghold of survivors must hold the zombies at bay outside an old, abandoned house for any future hope of humanity.
Season of the Witch / There's Always Vanilla
In Season of the Witch, a suburban housewife descends into extramarital sex and the occult. In There's Always Vanilla, a free-spirited dropout and a beautiful young model begin a love affair.
Two Evil Eyes
In The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, Valdemar's unexpected death during hypnosis unleashes a supernatural power which wields justice on his scheming young wife and her lover. In The black Cat, a photographer learns the meaning of nine lives after he arranges for the "disappearance" of his girlfriend's cat.

Sports Films

In the 1970s, George Romero also produced and directed a number of documentaries about famous sports figures. The Film and Audio Department's Pittsburgh collection has five of these rarities on VHS.

Franco Harris: Good Luck on Sunday
Documentary on Pittsburgh Steelers running back Franco Harris made in the early 1970s. Includes game footage and interviews with Harris, his parents, Myron Cope, Art Rooney, and Joe Paterno.
I'm Back: the Rocky Bleier Story
A documentary on Pittsburgh Steeler running back and Vietnam veteran Rocky Bleier. Includes game footage and interviews with Bleier and his family.
The Steel Curtain: Pittsburgh's Front Four
Documentary made in the mid-1970s about the four Pittsburgh Steelers defensive linemen who constituted the legendary "steel curtain": Ernie Holmes, L.C. Greenwood, Dwight White, and Joe Greene. Includes interviews with the four players and their teammates and features game footage.
Terry Bradshaw: Thank God I'm a Country Boy
Filmed in the mid-1970s, this documentary shows Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw near the height of his career. Includes game footage and interviews with Bradshaw that cover football, his upbringing, and his religious beliefs. Also includes interviews with Bradshaw's father and Steeler coach Chuck Noll.
What if I Didn't Play Baseball: Willie Stargell
A documentary on Pittsburgh Pirate Willie Stargell made in the early 1970s. Includes interviews with Stargell and his wife, Dee, along with brief appearances by various players and celebrities.