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A Shot of Poison

by Christopher Long

Reviewed by Angela
Review posted on 6/22/2011
Book rating:

This book was for me, a blast from the past. Having lived my life around the "rock star scene" since the age of 15, nothing I read really surprised me...much.

I expected to find out that every guy in Poison could be an asshole on any given day but also that each one had very very endearing points. I think some people: the die hard "My favorite band is ultimate perfection in every way" crowd, may actually be offended by the God's honest truth the writer spouts.

Does he talk smack? Well yeah, he does. But. knowing the scene as well as I do from years as a wanna-be groupie, I believe every word written in this memoir.

If you're looking for sordid tales of sexual debauchery and drug abuse and just flat out mayhem, this book is not for you. If you are looking for a book that shows you the not so glamorous side of the road, the harsh truths of how chaotic and emotionally and physically draining it is for not only the band but the road crew as well, then I suggest giving this a read.

Chris Long shows the band in a very human light, imperfect, egotistical at times but yet very very HUMAN.  

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