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Leave the World a Better Place

These zines deal with social change and are located in the Zine Collection on the First Floor of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main. Browse Zines at LibraryThing

Atoe, Osa
Shotgun Seamstress
Osa Atoe engages primarily with racism and homophobia in her zine.
Crabb, Cindy
This is a personal zine in which Crabb also writes about gender roles, sexual abuse, and anarchism.
Donner, Christa
Donner gathers and shares women's experiences on varied topics such as shoes, driving, and age.
Hunnicut, Tony
Show Me the Money
Hunnicut's zine contains his economic and political analysis of contemporary American events.
Road, Cristy
Green Zine
This is a personal zine in which Road addresses issues such as assault, gender, and sexuality.

Updated: 8/14/2011