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The Lighter Side of Life

In the mood for something factual, yet not too scholarly?
These accessible nonfiction reads will make you think, laugh, and otherwise appreciate the delightfully quirky world around you.

Astin, Sean
There and Back Again: An Actor's Tale
PN2287.A78 A3 2004
The precocious young actor tells the story of his life thus far, including his experiences as a cast member of The Lord of the Rings films.
Behrendt, Greg and Tuccillo, Liz
He's Just Not That Into You
HQ801.B37 2004
Two-snaps-up dating advice from writers who've contributed to HBO's smash hit Sex and the City.
Bryson, Bill
A Short History of Nearly Everything
Q162.B88 2003
Get wise to the ways of science in this witty history of the multi-faceted discipline.
Carlin, George
When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?
PN6162.C278 2004x
The master of blunt declarations is back with his pointed observations about human behavior and the world we live in. Contains strong language and scathing satire.
Gladwell, Malcolm
BF448.G53 2005
Decisions made in a moment are the subject of this provocative read about human behavior.
Hornby, Nick
Fever Pitch
England's hippest novelist tells true-life tales about his life-long obsession with soccer.
Jacobs, A.J.
The Know-it-All
AE5.E44J33 2004
While trying to read the Encyclopedia Britannica, Jacobs confronts his feelings of inferiority and his desire to have children.
Notaro, Laurie
Autobiography of a Fat Bride: True Tales of a Pretend Adulthood
PS3614.O785 Z463 2003
Who says maturity has to be boring? Notaro's zig-zag journey from single life to domestic "bliss" is crammed with side-splitting complications.
Truss, Lynne
Eats, Shoots and Leaves
PE1450.T75 2004
Banish your grade-school demons with this commonsense, fun guide to good grammar and punctuation.
Townsend, Suzanne Grayson
How to Eat Like a Republican
TX714.T69 2004
Coca-cola, ketchup and conservative thinking are the mainstays of this cookbook, which celebrates "back to basics" cooking with a smidge of political humor.
Vanderbilt, Gloria
It Seemed Important at the Time
CT275.V234 A3 2004
The life and loves of a fashion maven are chronicled in this witty, yet still touching, memoir.

Updated: 1/7/10