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GLBT Fiction to Watch Out For

They're here, they're queer, and they're ready to be read! Check out these bold fiction titles from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's GLBT collection today.

Byrnes, Rob
Straight Lies
This farcical romp starts with two small-time swindlers who decide to steal a video that would "out" the world's most famous gay celebrity as a straight man. They accidentally leave the tape in a taxi and as they try to recover it, the fun begins.
Cunningham, Michael
By Nightfall
A hip, seemingly-perfect Manhattan couple are impacted in a very powerful way by the visit of the wife's much younger brother.
Glass, J.D.
American Goth
Samantha was a lost and lonely soul—until she met Fran. But now that a new evil has set out to destroy her life, love, and family, Samantha must see how far she's willing to go to keep it.
Kallmaker, Karin
Above Temptation
Corporate Investigator, Kip Barrett, must discover who is embezzling from her company. As she gets closer to the truth and to her company's CEO Tamara Sterling, she struggles to resist temptation in order to find the culprit.
Lear, James
The Low Road
In this retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped, Charles Gordon is kidnapped, sold into slavery and forced to serve the needs of a military regiment. While doing what he must to survive, he is plotting to free the man he loves from prison.
Polito, Frank Anthony
Drama Queers
It's 1987 and while all of the other boys in high school are trying to get busy with girls, Bradley Dayton is trying to get the lead in the school musical. He knows he's gay, but the rest of the school doesn't. But there might be that guy in drama club. Or the one from marching band. Or the jock…
Price, Jordan Castillo
PsyCop: Partners
This collection of two PsyCop stories introduces and then shows the development of the relationship between psychic Victor Bayne and his non-psychic partner Jacob Marks.
Richardson, Tracey
No Rules of Engagement
While embedded with a combat medical unit in Afghanistan, photographer Jillian Knight expects the experience to be difficult. What she does not expect is the attraction she feels for Major Logan Sharp, one of the unit's doctors, or what happens when they accidentally meet stateside a year later.
Weeks, Laurie
Zipper Mouth
The debut novel from the poet and author of the screenplay for the acclaimed movie, Boys Don't Cry.
Winterson, Jeanette
Stone Gods
The protagonist Billie struggles with an environmentally-devastated earth and plans for resettlement on a new planet.

Updated: 9/14/2011