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A Dash of Suspense: Culinary Mysteries

Susan Wittig Albert
Spanish Dagger
In Pecan Springs, Texas, China Bayles is busy with her herb shop, tearoom, and catering business. Then she finds a corpse while out gathering yucca. China and her business partner, Ruby, start snooping, while China's half-brother and husband look into her father's mysterious death 16 years earlier.
Elisabeth Bastion
No Just Desserts
Lucy Anderson has a great new job on the culinary scene, but the murder of her test-kitchen supervisor adds "murder investigator" to her daily to-do list.
Claudia Bishop
Carol for a Corpse
Sisters Meg and Sara Quilliam decide to tape a cooking show starring Lydia Kingsfield to help fund their failing hotel in upstate New York. But Zeke, Lydia's obnoxious husband, turns up dead. Sara is determined to prove that his death was not due to negligence-then learns that nearly everyone in the entire state wanted him dead.
JoAnna Carl
The Chocolate Mouse Trap
Lee McKinney is sick of the emails she receives from Julie Singletree, her party-organizing friend, when she hears Julie has been murdered and her computer stolen. Things escalate when it appears that people on Julie's email list are being targeted. Although Lee has plenty of other things to deal with, she can't keep her curiosity to herself.
G.A. McKevett
Death by Chocolate
Who would want to kill the Queen of Chocolate? Savannah Reid steps up to solve the mystery.
Tamar Myers
Assault and Pepper
In the seventh book in the Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery Series, Magdalena Yoder must discover who killed Reverend Schrock. As she probes into the murder, she discovers shocking secrets in the close-knit community-including people who had grudges against the reverend.
Katherine Hall Page
The Body in the Bonfire
Caterer Faith Fairchild masquerades as a cooking instructor to solve a mystery at a private school.
Phyllis C. Richman
The Butter Did It
The pen is still mightier than the sword, as proved by restaurant critic Chas Wheatley while investigating the murder of a chef in Washington D.C.
Lou Jane Temple
Red Beans and Vice
Heaven Lee and the Sisters of the Holy Trinity are drawn into a murder investigation when Heaven is accused of killing the spouse of an old friend.