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Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Volunteer Application Form

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Volunteer Services
4400 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Please fill out the application form completely.
Asterisked items are required.

Name:* Mr. Mrs. Ms.
Date of Birth:* (ex: 7/4/1776)

Have you volunteered at a library before?   Yes     No
If yes, which library?

Are you volunteering as a Community Service requirement?*     Yes     No

If yes:

Organization or School*:
Reason for Community Service*:

Number of hours to fulfill*:
To be completed by*:

Are you interning?    Yes     No

If yes:


Number of hours to fullfill:

To be completed by:

Do you have clearances to volunteer with Children?     Yes     No
Will this be a one time or short-term volunteer experience?     Yes     No
If yes, please specify:

At which library location(s) would you prefer to volunteer?*

What days and hours of the day are you available to volunteer?*

Do you have computer skills? Please specify:*

Do you have any physical limitations that might restrict your activity?*

Do you have any special skills or interests?*


Volunteers provide an invaluable service to the librarians and the public. Without our volunteers we would have less time to work with the children, teens and adults and our materials would not be as accessible for our customers.

Check any of the broad categories of volunteer opportunities that might interest you:

Clerical Jobs
Special Projects
Data Entry
Shipping: Sorting library material
(Location: West End of Pittsburgh)
Bulk Mailings
Shelving Books/Shelf Reading
Foreign Language

Emergency Contact:

Please list two professional, educational, or character references we may contact.


Parental Consent is legally required before a volunteer under 18 years of age may work as a volunteer. Please provide us with the following information. The signature will be obtained when you interview with the Volunteer Coordinator.
Parent / Legal Guardian Name:


Submission authorizes Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to verify any of the information on this application and to secure information from personal references. I understand that as a volunteer I am not entitled to monetary compensation for the work that I perform or be entitled to worker's compensation or group benefits in the event of injury. THE CARNEGIE LIBRARY OF PITTSBURGH VOLUNTEER PROGRAM reserves the right to an evaluation sometime after placement and the right to terminate services should responsibilities not be fulfilled satisfactorily. I understand the acceptance of this application does not constitute a promise that I will volunteer at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Volunteers who may work with Children must have clearances. Clearances are background checks required for anyone who may come in contact with children. The volunteer is responsible for obtaining the clearances.

Please note that your personal information is protected by the terms of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's privacy policy.

Revised: 12/23/11