Okay, maybe we're not as handy as your local 7-Eleven, but we've got a much more interesting selection of magazines. And we've been hard at work making your trip to the library a much more "user friendly" experience. This past year, in fact, we conducted an exhaustive review of our library system-the first in over half a century. That study will serve as the foundation of a multi-year plan to bring our facilities more in line with the needs of our changing communities and to make our branches a convenient and enjoyable destination for Pittsburghers of all ages and every walk of life.

But, even in advance of these broader changes, we've done a lot to make our libraries more user-friendly. For example, many of our branches now feature a "Best Sellers" area where you can browse the popular book selections. Can't find that obscure Agatha Christie novel on our shelves? Ask our librarians about getting it for you through our inter-library loan program-last year alone we fulfilled over 200,000 requests. Need to know the number of taxicabs in Singapore or the best time to plant bamboo in Western Pennsylvania-but haven't a clue where to look? Just give us a call, or send us an email-we'll have the answer. Librarians throughout our system answered over two million questions in 2000. Who knows? Maybe we can even take a few hassles out of your life.