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About Your Library Card Account

Managing Your Account


Your Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh library card will give you access to print and electronic library materials, online reference databases and computer use in the library. When you receive your library card, you accept responsibility for all activity on the card, including the care/condition of the items checked out, fines and charges based on library policies and payment for lost or damaged items.

It is important that you do not lend your card to anyone. Keep your card in a safe place and take the time to monitor your account regularly. Report lost/stolen cards immediately so no one else can use your card. You remain responsible for any activity prior to your report. We reserve the right to ask for identification to verify a cardholder is using the proper account.


Account Maintenance

We recommend you monitor your account regularly via the My Account page. By entering your name, account number, and PIN on the "My Account" page, you can view your checked-out material and review due dates and fines.


Accessing "My Account"

You may access your library card account while using the online catalog by clicking on the My Account Login tab. You will be prompted to enter your name, PIN, and library card number, found under the barcode on your card.

Library account users are required to create and use a PIN (Personal Identification Number) when they access their account.

A successful login will enable you to view the items you currently have checked out with due dates, overdue items, reserved items waiting to be picked up, outstanding reserve requests, and outstanding late fees. From this page, you may also renew items provided that they are not overdue and no other customers are waiting for the item.



  • If you lose your card or you suspect that it has been stolen, report the missing card immediately. Call 412.622.3114.
  • Review your account and report any concerns in a timely manner.
  • Overdue notices are provided as a courtesy. You are responsible for knowing the due dates of borrowed materials.
  • Provide a current email address to receive courtesy overdue and reserve notices.
  • By providing your email address, you understand that overdue and reserve notices will be sent via email. Please be sure that your spam filters accept mail from:

Changing Your Personal Information

Please report any changes to your account information to the Library. You can change your email address under My Account in the Catalog. You can change your phone number or email adddress by phoning 412.622.3114. To update any other personal information, visit your local library. You will be required to show proof of your new address.


Email Notification

By providing your email address, you understand that your courtesy, overdue and reserve notices will be sent via email. Please be sure that your spam filters accept mail from:

Bills for unreturned items will be sent via regular postal mail.


Renewing Your Library Card

Most Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh cards expire after two years (the Donor Plus Card expires after one year). To renew an expired card, you must fill out a renewal application and present current photo identification with proof of address at any Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh location. After your information is verified and any fines accrued on that card have been paid, your card will be renewed and may be used to borrow materials.


Lost/Stolen Library Cards

You MUST report lost or stolen cards immediately to your local library to stop any activity. Please confer with your librarian to verify any materials currently checked out and/or late fees. You will need to reconcile all activity so that a new card can be issued. There will be a charge of $1.00 to replace lost cards. You may be asked to provide support to verify a stolen card or stolen materials (e.g. police report).


Borrowing Policies

  • Your card provides access to all materials and resources available to Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh cardholders.
  • The Library does not place restrictions on children’s cards. Parents or guardians should supervise and discuss library usage and parental expectations with their children.
  • Go to Borrowing Policies
    Including loan periods and late fees, requesting items, interlibrary loan, lost or damaged items, etc.
  • Renewing items

Requesting / Reserving Materials through the Catalog

Requests may be made online, by phone or in person at your neighborhood library. Please be sure to select the particular library where you wish to have the item delivered.

Visit our catalog page and make your selection.

  • To request by phone, please call 412-622-3114 or your direct local library.
  • To request online, make your selection from the catalog and click on the Request button. You will be asked to enter your library card number and PIN and which library location where you would like to pick up your item.
Please note that items have different statuses to indicate their availability. You can still reserve any item in the catalog but may have to wait until it is returned, repaired, delivered, or otherwise ready for you. More detailed information about requesting items is provided in the Catalog.

You will be notified when your reserved item is ready for pick up by either an automated phone message or by email. If you are monitoring your account online, you should wait until the item’s status says: READY FOR PICK-UP.

(Please note that AVAILABLE simply means the item is on the shelf and awaiting to be pulled for your request. It is NOT yet available on the holds shelf for you.)

We recommend that you wait until you receive the actual email or phone call notification before coming in to retrieve your reserved item. If your account indicates it is now READY FOR PICKUP and you have not yet received your notice, you should wait a minimum of three hours before visiting the library to pick up your item. You may try calling your library pick-up location to see if the item has arrived on the Holds Shelf for you.


Access Research Databases

You can access electronic resources remotely (from home, work, school, etc.) or at your local library with a current library card. You can even register for a library card online, if you are 18 or older.


Collection Agency/Credit Reporting

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh does retain the services of a collection agency to encourage the return of materials and the payment of outstanding bills. If your account becomes delinquent with lost and/or overdue items, you may be reported to the agency for pursuit of collection. You will also be billed $10.00 to cover the reporting fee if your account goes into collection.

The return of materials and payment of any charges will clear your account with the agency and Library. Your account must return to a zero balance in order to stop the collection process. Outstanding accounts could be reported to the credit bureaus.



We respect your right to privacy. By law, we cannot discuss details of a library account with any individual other than the cardholder. Parents must bring their minor child with them to use or discuss the child’s account. If you need to discuss your account by phone, please have your account number ready. When completing the application, you may designate another individual to pick up your reserve items or pay your fines on your behalf. This person will not have access to view the items on your account.

We promise to:

  • Protect the confidentiality of your record in accordance with the law and our policies.
  • Provide equal and fair access to all cardholders.
  • Work with you to resolve account issues in a fair manner.
  • Provide and maintain a collection of materials to meet our customers’ needs.