America's favorite past time? Maybe, maybe not - but definitely up there on the list. Find your favorite shows here.

  • ABC
    The home of Grey's Anatomy, Castle, Modern Family, and other favorites.
  • CBS
    CSI. Criminal Minds. NCIS. Hawaii Five-O. CBS does crime dramas right.
  • CW
    Teen TV Central: on the CW, you'll find Gossip Girl, 90210, the Vampire Diaries and more.
  • Disney Channel
    Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera got their start on the Disney Channel. Check out tomorrow's stars today!
  • Find Internet TV
    Trying to find your favorite show online? This site links to most shows available.
  • Fox
    With Glee, Bones, The Simpsons, and Family Guy, Fox is all about fun.
  • Hulu
    This partnerships between Fox and NBC brings you full episodes of shows from those two channels, as well as cable shows and movies - all for free!
  • MTV
    News, videos and reality tv shows from the original music television.
  • NBC
    Comedies rule at NBC, with 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and more.
  • Television Without Pity
    Did you miss your favorite show? Get a no-holds-barred, tongue-in-cheek recap on TWoP!
  • Teen Nick
    Teen Nick is Nickelodeon's channel just for teens. Find full episodes, games and more on their site.
  • Teen Television
    All the information about your favorite shows in one place. Also includes polls, chat, videos and more.
  • TV Guide
    Just wanna know what's on? TV Guide has been the source for that for years. Their website also has interviews and articles about your favorite shows.