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Strength Training

Selected Books

Cosgrove, Rachel
The Female Body Breakthrough: The Revolutionary Plan for Losing Fat, Empowering Your Mind, and Getting the Body You Want
RM222.2 .C646 2009
According to strength coach, Rachel Cosgrove, the key to shedding fat and keeping it off can only be found in strength-training exercises using everything from dumbbells and barbells to bands and straps.
Coulson, Morc
The Fitness Instructor's Handbook: A Professional's Complete Guide to Health and Fitness
GV481.C675 2007
Just what you wanted! A personal trainer in a handbook. A comprehensive reference book for professional fitness instructors.
Fekete, Michael
Strength Training for Seniors: How to Rewind Your Biological Clock
qRA777.6.F43 2006
Workout plans included within this book are specialized with senior citizens in mind.
Hyde, Joni
Workouts for Women: Weight Training
GV546.6.W64 H93 2006
You will find a variety of weight workouts of varying intensity in this book published specifically for women.
Incledon, Lori
Strength Training for Women
q GV546.6.W64 I63 2005
This is a comprehensive guide to getting stronger and more fit through weight-lifting and other strength-training exercises.
Manocchia, Pat
Anatomy of Exercise: A Trainer's Inside Guide to Your Workout
q GV546.M284 2008x
Detailed anatomical illustrations reveal what the body actually does during specific exercise sequences, which muscles are engaged, which are being conditioned and how the muscles respond.
Neporent, Liz et al
Weight Training for Dummies
GV546.N47 2006x
The popular and widely read "For Dummies" series weighs in with advice for basic weight lifting and training.
Phillips, Shawn
Strength for Life: The Fitness Plan for the Rest of Your Life
RA781.P55 2008
The program features a workout plan that can take as little as 35 minutes a day, 3 times a week. It features 3 workout phases: a 12-day Base Camp pre-training period, a 12-week Transformation Camp, and a year-round continuation plan.
Plasker, Eric
The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout: The High Energy Fitness Program for Living at Your Peak Throughout Your Lifetime
RA781.P585 2010
Plasker, a chiropracter, follows up on his previous book on adopting a fit lifestyle to live longer (The 100 Year Lifestyle), with this workout book, illustrating strenghthening exercises.
Popov, Max
Weight-Resistance Yoga: Practicing Embodied Spirituality
RA781.7.P66 2011
Applying the wisdom of hatha yoga to weight-lifting exercises, Weight-Resistance Yoga shows how to transform a strength-training session into a mindful, calm and meditative yoga practice.
Stoppani, James
The Encyclopedia of Muscle and Strength
qGV546.S74 2006
Strength and mass building exercises are discussed within this encyclopedia with an emphasis on isolating muscle groups for each workout.
Vella, Mark
Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training for Women: An Illustrated Guide to Your Muscles in Action
Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training for Women provides magnificent visual insight into what happens to your muscles when you exercise. You'll be able to isolate specific muscle groups and design the most targeted program for maximum effectiveness.
Westcott, Wayne L.
Strength Training Past 50: Your Guide to Fitness and Performance
GV546.W47 2007
This volume presents three different levels of strength training programs specially designed for people over the age of 50 and includes information on assessing current strength, selecting the right equipment, and getting optimal nutrition.
Whitmarsh, Cindy
101 Ways to Work Out with Weights
GV546.3.W49 2006
Designed for men and women, this guide presents low impact weight training in a variety of styles and methods for every body type.

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Web Sites

  • American College of Sports Medicine: Brochures
    ACSM offers a variety of health and fitness brochures on selecting and using exercise equipment, including Elliptical Trainer, Free Weights, A Health/Fitness Facility, Home Weights, Medicine Balls, A Personal Trainer, A Rowing Machine, Rubber Band Resistance Exercise, Stability Balls, Stair Stepper/Stair Climber, and Stationary Bicycles.
  • CDC: Growing Stronger - Strength Training for Older Adults
    A strength-training exercise program developed by experts at Tufts University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
    "Obesity is epidemic in the United States. In recent years, diabetes rates among people ages 30 to 39 rose by 70%. About 46.5 million adults in the United States smoke cigarettes, even though this single behavior will result in disability and premature death for half of them. More than 60% of American adults do not get enough physical activity, and more than 25% are not active at all." This website is geared to correcting that situation.
  • Strength and Endurance Training
    This Lance Armstrong Foundation website has tips on weight training, although it also has a lot of advertisements.
  • Mayo Clinic: Strength Training
    For most people, two to three strength training sessions a week lasting just 20 to 30 minutes are sufficient. The Mayo Clinic offers a variety of tips.