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Pittsburgh Organizations: W

Click on letter below for an alphabetical list of Pittsburgh Organizations:

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  1. Waldorf School of Pittsburgh
  2. Ward Home
  3. Washington, City of (PA)
  4. Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, PA
  5. Washington Community Arts and Cultural Center
  6. Washington County
  7. Washington County Bar Association
  8. Washington County Chamber of Commerce
  9. Washington County Historical Society
  10. The Washington Hospital
  11. The Washington Hospital School of Nursing
  12. Washington Physician Hospital Organization, Inc.
  13. Washington (PA) Symphony Orchestra
  14. Watchful Shepherd
  15. Watson Institute
  16. WDUQ 90.5 FM is now WESA 90.5 FM

  17. Wesley Spectrum Services
  18. West End Village / West Pittsburgh Partnership
  19. West Hills Symphonic Band
  20. West Mifflin, Borough of
  21. West Mifflin Lions Club
  22. West Mifflin Sanitary Sewer Municipal Authority
  23. West Penn Allegheny Health System
  24. West Penn Burn Center
  25. West Penn Minority Jr. Golf Association, Inc
  26. West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund (WPPSEF)
  27. West View Borough
  28. West View United Methodist Church
  29. Western Allegheny Community Library
  30. Western Pennsylvania Bed & Breakfast Association
  31. Western Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers
  32. Western Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation (WPCAMR)
  33. Western Pennsylvania Eventing Association (WPEA) (Equestrian)
  34. Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
  35. Western Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English
  36. Western Pennsylvania Craftsmen's Guild
  37. Western Pennsylvania Division of the U.S. Fencing Association
  38. Western Pennsylvania Dressage Association (WPDA)
  39. Western Pennsylvania Family Center
  40. Western Pennsylvania Firemen's Association
  41. Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society
  42. Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society Library
  43. Western Pennsylvania Hockey Officials Association
  44. Western Pennsylvania Hospital
  45. Western Pennsylvania Hospital Foundation
  46. Western Pennsylvania Humane Society
  47. Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League (WPIAL)
  48. Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association, Inc.
  49. Western Pennsylvania Law Library Association
  50. Western Pennsylvania Linux User Group (WPLUG)
  51. Western Pennsylvania Mensa
  52. Western Pennsylvania Model Railroad Museum
  53. Western Pennsylvania Montessori School
  54. Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club
  55. Western Pennsylvania Numismatic Society
  56. Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council
  57. Western Pennsylvania Ski Council
  58. Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum
  59. Western Pennsylvania Sportsmens Club
  60. Western Pennsylvania Square & Round Dance Federation Clubs
  61. Western Pennsylvania (West Penn) Track Club
  62. Western Pennsylvania Watershed Program is now The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

  63. Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen
  64. Western Pennsylvania Woodworkers
  65. Western Pennsylvania Writing Project
  66. Western Pennsylvania Youth Chess
  67. Westminster Presbyterian Church (Mt. Lebanon)
  68. Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival
  69. Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce
  70. Westmoreland Choral Society
  71. Westmoreland Cleanways
  72. Westmoreland Conservancy
  73. Westmoreland Conservation District
  74. Westmoreland County (Government)
  75. Westmoreland County Bar Association
  76. Westmoreland County Historical Society
  77. Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation (WCIDC)
  78. Westmoreland County, Municipal Authority of
  79. Westmoreland County Transit Authority
  80. Westmoreland Cultural Trust
  81. Westmoreland Heritage
  82. Westmoreland Library Network
  83. Westmoreland Museum of American Art
  84. Westmoreland Professional Builders Association
  85. Westmoreland Ski Club
  86. Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra
  87. WheelchairNet
  88. White Oak Borough
  89. Whitehall, Borough of
  90. Whitehall Public Library
  91. Wilkins School Community Center (WSCC)
  92. Wilkinsburg Borough
  93. Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation
  94. Wilkinsburg Community Ministry
  95. Wilkinsburg Public Library
  96. Winchester Thurston School
  97. Wireless Association of South Hills (WASH) Amateur Radio Club
  98. Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest Pennsylvania
  99. Women for a Healthy Environment
  100. Women of Southwestern Pennsylvania
  101. Women Religious of Western Pennsylvania
  102. Women's Business Network, Inc. of Southwestern Pennsylvania
  103. Women's Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh
  104. Women's Energy Network, Appalachian Chapter
  105. Wood Street Galleries
  106. Woodland Hills Foundation
  107. Woodland Hills School District
  108. Woodville Plantation - the Neville House
  109. World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh
  110. WQED
  111. WRCT 88.3 FM
  112. WYEP 91.3 FM