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BLAST Elementary Thematic Program
Pirates & Presidents

(January and February 2009)


A Pirate's Life For Me

Recommended for grades K-2

From Black Beard to Captain Jack Sparrow, colorful pirates and their unyielding appetite for treasure have intrigued generations of readers. An interactive read aloud will take landlubbers on a voyage of discovery, introducing pirate traditions and lingo. Of course, a pirate's life would not be complete without the chance to create a jolly roger!

Fiction and Informational Books:

Helquist, Brett
Roger the Jolly Pirate
Anastasio, Dina
Nickles, Greg

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Recommended for grades 3-5

On February 12th, Abraham Lincoln will reach a new milestone, his 200th birthday! To commemorate the occasion, students will take part in an interactive read aloud and a presidential who's who. Finally, they will "build" a log cabin of freedom in honor of President Lincoln's great strides in establishing equal rights.

Fiction and Informational Books: