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BLAST Elementary
Four Feet, Two Sandals

Four Feet, Two Sandals
Written by Karen Lynn Williams & Khadra Mohammed
Illustrated by Doug Chayka

Two young Afghani girls living in a refugee camp in Pakistan share a precious pair of sandals brought by relief workers.


Open-Ended Questions

These questions can be used during an interactive read aloud to engage student interest.

  • Why hasn't Lina worn shoes for two years - since she was eight? (page 3)
  • Where was Lina from? Where is she now? What do you notice about the place where she is living? (page 7)
  • Why don't the girls care about looking silly wearing just one sandal? (page 16)
  • What do you think the list is for? (page 20)
  • Who do you think should keep the sandals? Why? (page 21)

Vocabulary Words

  • Refugee
  • Admire



Everyone in the class can design two matching sandals. Cut the two sandals apart. Mix them up! Can you match the sandals? Make a pattern for this activity by tracing a sandal.


Find Afghanistan and Pakistan on a map. Think about how far refugees would have to walk from on country to the other. Would they have to pass over mountains? Rivers? What are the main cities of the two countries? What is the weather like in these countries?

Then, look at a map of Pennsylvania. What are the main cities? What is the weather like? Compare this information with what the students learned about Afghanistan and Pakistan. What would it be like for Lina to move here?


Journal Questions

  • When was a time you shared something with a friend?
  • What do you think Lina's life will be like in America?

Extending Books

Other books by Karen Lynn Williams

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