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CHARLES N. BOYD (1875-1937)

qr 780.973 B66s vol. 11

People's Singing Classes 1900-1901

Location: Oliver Room


Volume 11

Scrapbook: People's Singing Classes 1900-1901

  1. From the Pittsburgh POST of May 8, 1900 is this notice: Under the management of Charles N. Boyd, on September 18, what is to be known as the People's Singing Classes are to be organized. The classes are under the musical direction of James P. McCollum, director of the Mozart Club, and are organized to give opportunity to study sight reading and vocal training. Classes have been organized with success in other cities and it is expected the same will be true here. Classes will be held in the rooms of the Mozart Club, Hostetter Building. Instruction will begin at the first rudiments of the art.

  2. Flyer for the People's Singing Classes list two East End Classes: Tuesday evenings at the Park Avenue Presbyterian Church, and Thursday evenings at Shady Avenue Baptist Church. Tuition: Five Dollars for the term of 32 weekly lessons.

  3. News item of September 1901: Second year of classes to begin at East End locations, as well as Allegheny, McKeesport and West End.

  4. Classes for children (ages 8-12), under the direction of James Stephen Martin, were begun.

  5. These classes, as reported, were successful and well-attended, and resulted in choral programs at the end of the terms.