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    Bidwell's notes on his lectures presented in Carnegie Music Hall, including a listing of assisting artists such as Dallmeyer Russell.

Time period  1933-1945


  • Director of Music at the Carnegie Institute 1932-1966
  • Organist at the Carnegie Music Hall (Carnegie Institute) 1932-1966
  • Organist and Choir Director at the Third Presbyterian Church in Shadyside, Pittsburgh 1933-1966


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Selected Lectures given by Marshall Bidwell at Carnegie Music Hall, 1933 - 1947

Lecture # Series Title Assisting Artists Note
2 Program Music(?) 1933 Early Attempts at Painting in Music Dallmeyer Russell  
3 1934 The English Madrigal Madrigal Choir, Carnegie Institute of Technology,
Huldah Kenley, Director
3 1935
Also 1946, but no program is attached
Water Scenes in Music Dallmeyer Russell  
3 1936 Bach & the Lutheran Chorale    
4 1936 The Bach B-Minor Mass Recordings  
1 1938 Famous Lutheran Chorales Bach Festival Choir,
J. Julius Baird, conductor
2 1938;
No date - no program
Bach & the Lutheran Chorale;
Bach and the Chorale
6 1938 Russian Church Composers Sixth United Presbyterian Church Choir, Arthur B. Jennings, Director  
1 1941 Clavier Works of J. S. Bach Dallmeyer Russell  
2 1942 Shepherds' Pipes - The Flute (Story of the Orchestral Instruments) Margaret Hart, Ilse Karp, Agnes Holst, Joseph Farinelli, Richard Seckinger, Robert Drumm, Alta Moses Orringer  
3   Double-reed Instruments (Story of the Orchestral Instruments) Betty Jane Gahagen, Katherine Emig, Jack Oates, Louis Hrabak, CIT (now CMU)  
2 1943 Famous American War Songs (Our American Music) Christine Miller Clemson and the Pioneer Male Quartet: Arthur Davis, Dick Fulton, John McCullum, Russell Mitchell Attached to lecture typescript is newspaper articled dated August 20, 1944 from Sunday Pittsburgh Press: guest article by Eleanor Steber, "popular young Wheeling, WV soprano" on "War Songs" and book review of Famous American Composers by Grace Overmy
5 1943 Contemporary American Composers (Our American Music) CIT (CMU) Woodwind Ensemble - Domenico Caputo, conductor: James Hunter, George Barber, Joseph Farinelli, Victor Carlucci, Betty Hewitt, Louis Hrabak, Katherine Emig  
6 1943 Jazz in the Concert Hall (Our American Music) Armand Basile and Lawrence Mellon Also in this envelope: "Jazz in the Concert Hall," a lecture typescript headed "Junta Club, October 17." The year 1895 has been added in pencil. This lecture is not identical to the one presented at Carnegie Music Hall, and no program is attached.
2 1944 Early Painters in Music (Program Music). No program is attached to lecture. Cf. Lecture 2, 1933    
3 1944 Mozart - The Ideal Composer Carol Myers, pianist  
5 1944 Some Famous National Anthems Quartet, Third Presbyterian Church: Dorothy Mussler Morris, Edith White Elliott, Hamilton Beck, Russell Mitchell  
2 1945 Rachmaninoff - Great Russian Composer Alice Stempel, Lucretia Russell, pianists; Shadyside Presbyterian Church Choir, Joseph O'Brien, Director  
4 1945 Handel - The Layman's Composer    
5 1945 The Story of the Madrigal A Capella Choir, Peabody High School, Florence L. Shute, Director  
1 1946 Famous Composers in American History    
4 1946 Bach and the Flute Lucille Bauch, soprano; Victor Saudek, Jane Peters, Pauline Specht, Imogene Grove  
5 1947 Some Famous Pre-Bach Composers