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Cool Moves: Dance Instruction DVDs

Whether it's tango, belly dance, ballet, tap, hip hop or just about any other dance step you can think of, the dance instruction DVDs in the Music, Film and Audio section of the Main Library provide a huge variety of possibilities for the beginner or the more advanced student. These titles are a small sample of what is on the shelves. So, grab some and put on your dancing shoes!

Ballet 101: A Beginner’s Class
DVD GV 1788 .B353 2004x
Presents basic ballet instruction, beginning with proper attire, preparation, stretching, and warm-up, followed by a structured ballet class consisting of basic moves on the barre and in the centre.
Bob Rizzo’s 50 Turns & Jumps: The Ultimate Turn & Jump Video Dictionary
Dan I Tur
Instruction on how to perform over 50 turn-and-jump variations, for beginner- through advanced-level dancers.
Breakdance Step by Step
DVD GV 1796 .B74 B744 2004x
Presents expert breakdance instruction. Basic moves demonstrates breakdance foundations, including: toprock, footwork, spins, and freezes. Power moves demonstrates more advanced breakdancing, covering: flares, headspins, and 1990s.
Celtic Feet: Step by Step You too Can Dance Like the Stars
DVD GV 1646 .I8 C453 2007x
Presents the basics steps of Irish dancing and puts those steps together together into routines.
Country Dancing for Beginners
Dan I Cou
This video includes the basics for new dancers that want to fit in and start country dancing right away. All of the steps are demonstrated: man's footwork first, then with a partner, then with music. Finally, all the steps are put together in an easy-to-follow routine
Dance Today: Samba
DVD GV 1796 .S25 D36 2007x

For Dancers: The Alexander Technique
DVD GV 1588 .F673 2005x

Introduction to Ballroom Dancing
DVD GV 1751 .I583 2006x
Learn to Swing, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Waltz & Fox Trot at home.
Jazz for the Beginner to Advanced Beginner
DVD GV 1784 .J4 2003x
Instructional jazz dance video demonstrating step by step techniques for the beginner to advanced beginner.
Latin Dancing for Beginners
Dan I Ball
Instructor Teresa Mason shows five basic steps for merengue, paso doble, tango, bolero and mambo and gives style tips on leading and following for each dance.
Pozo, Cal
Let's Dance: the complete book and DVD of ballroom dance instruction for weddings, parties, fitness, and fun
GV1751.D43 2007
"Dance like a star in minutes, including the basics for the foxtrot, waltz, swing, salsa, merengue, and line dances"
The Quick and Dirty Guide to Salsa
DVD GV 1796 .S245 Q533 2005x
Part One presents beginner-level instruction on Cuban salsa dancing. Part two presents intermediate-level instruction.
Tango Lessons: Dance Like a Star
DVD GV 1796 .T3 T33675 2006x
Designed primarily for beginners, this video features professional performers offering step-by-step instructions on how to dance tango.
Tap Dancing for Beginners
DVD GV 1794 .T3723 2007x
Master tap choreographer Henry Le Tang gives instruction on the basics of tap dancing with dancers Honi Coles and Cory Beychok.
Tribal Fusion Belly Dance: Yoga, Isolations and Drills
DVD GV 1798.5 .T753 2005x
Presents three yoga-based bellydance drills (16 min., 34 min., and 40 min.) designed to enable students, regardless of ability level, to achieve effortless dance movements. Includes a performance segment incorporating the movements presented in the drills.
How to Dance through Time. Volume V: Victorian Era Couple Dances: Waltz, Polka, Galop, Mazurka
Dan I Pop v.5
Instruction on classic 19th century couple dances. Explores 32 innovative step variations of: the waltz, the polka, the galop, and the mazurka.
Now You're Dancing Presents The Wedding Dance
Dan I Wed
Everything the two of you need to know to step into the spotlight with confidence and dance with grace.