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Allegheny County Birth and Death Records 1870-1905

*Registers are written ledger entries, not certificates and were begun when a Board of Health was established in a city or municipality. By 1893 all counties in Pennsylvania were required to record births and deaths. Birth & Death Certificates are state issued and are not available for dates prior to 1906.

The following Birth and Death Registers were transferred from the Allegheny County Offices to the Pennsylvania Department of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh:

Death Registers Birth Registers
City of Pittsburgh (1870-1905)** City of Pittsburgh (1870-1905)
Allegheny City (1875-May, 1907) Allegheny City (1885-October,1907)
Allegheny County (1874-1903)*
*(probated deaths only)
Allegheny County (1893-1905)
McKeesport (1892-1905)
McKeesport (1887-1905) Sewickley (1896-1905)
Sewickley (1894-1905) Wilkinsburg (1899-1905)

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*Allegheny County Death Index 1893-1905 and registers are maintained by the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society . Registers will be searched for a $5/ name fee payable to WPGS.
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**City of Pittsburgh Death Registers from 1870-1905 are available online at:

Birth Certificates 1906-1908 and Pennsylvania Death Certificates, 1906-1963 may be researched on Pennsylvania residents -access these records through

Birth Certificates after 1908 and Death Certificates after 1963 must be ordered from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Vital Records: