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Novel Destinations - In Search of Lost Relations

Each of these stories concerns the mysterious search for lost relatives and friends, leading our heroes on a journey through the past, and to faraway locals such as the Ukraine, the Caribbean, Malta, Shanghai, and the Andes.


The Invisible Circus

In 1978, 18-year-old Phoebe decides to relive the final months of her sister Faith's life and perhaps discover the truth about her death. She leaves San Francisco for Europe, determined to retrace Faith's journey. She visits London, Amsterdam, France, and Germany, where she meets Faith's lover, Wolf, and learns the truth about her sister.


Everything Is Illuminated: A Novel

A young Jewish American travels to the Ukraine in the hope of finding the woman who saved his grandfather from the Nazis. He is aided in his search by Alex Perchov, a naive Ukrainian translator, Alex's grandfather (also called Alex), and a flatulent mongrel dog named Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.


When We Were Orphans

After the disappearance of Christopher Bank's parents he is sent to live in England, where he grows up in the years between the world wars to become a detective. His family's fate continues to haunt him, and finally in the late 1930s he returns to Shanghai to solve the most important case of his life.


A Wild Sheep Chase

A Japanese businessman's life is turned upside down when he goes in search of his lost friend in the wilds of Northern Japan, and must find a mythical sheep with a star on its back.



Benny Profane's life changes dramatically when he befriends Stencil, an ambitious young man with a mission-to find the identity of a woman named V. Stencil hires Benny to travel with him to Malta in search of the mysterious entity.



Nikki Black, a baby once abandoned at a post office, now seeks vengeance on the woman who left her. Searching for her mother and plotting her murder, Nikki makes her way to an island off the coast of Scotland. It is here on a rocky crag that the fairy tale begins.


Death in the Andes

At a remote location in the Andes, Civil Guards Lituma and Carreo investigate the disappearance of three men, two of whom were laborers on a highway project that will likely never be finished due to the region's increasing political volatility.


Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name: A Novel

Clarissa goes in search of her long lost mother, leading her to far northern Europe, where the days are short and the reindeer plentiful. Clarissa travels in her mother's footsteps hoping to eventually find closure.


Cat's Cradle

A young writer's quest to research the history of the atomic bomb leads to a bizarre political soap opera and apocalyptic showdown on the shores of a seedy banana republic in the Caribbean.