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Caring Volunteers Aren't Only in Fiction . . .

But we do like reading about them in novels. Try one and find yourself inspired to help someone this holiday season.


All My Tomorrows

A chef and a former football star find romance while working at a camp for underprivileged children.


The Unyielding Clamor of the Night

In an unnamed Southeastern Asian country torn by civil war, a young man leaves his comfortable home in the north to teach children in an impoverished village in the south. As he witnesses more deeds of war, his fundamental belief in the goodness of people is crushed, and he finds himself with only one course of action left.


Heaven Lake

A young missionary is forced to flee the small town in Taiwan when an inappropriate affair is brought to light. He embarks on a journey through modern day China that changes the way he thinks of that country, other people, and himself. A cast of quirky, well written characters become part of his journey.


Enemies Among Us

While hunting a terrorist group, an FBI agent goes undercover at a non-profit organization.


Lords of Corruption

A recent MBA is offered a position with a non-profit organization in Africa. But once he arrives and begins work, he realizes the organization may not be the charitable type after all.



A dual tale linked by a quest for the Holy Grail. The contemporary heroine uncovers two skeletons at an archaeological dig where she is volunteering, and soon both she and her finds are in danger. The medieval heroine tries to protect the secret of the Grail from those who seek it.


The Rescue

When a woman's son is lost in a storm, she and a volunteer fireman who helps search for the boy begin to form a relationship.



After finishing college in the United States, a European princess does not want to return to her privileged life. After some convincing, His Royal Highness (her father) allows her to volunteer for the Red Cross in East Africa.


The Perfect Match

Much to the town pastor's surprise, the new volunteer fire chief is a woman. While working to solve a series of arsons they develop mutual respect, and something more.


The Golden Hour

During a midlife crisis, a former financial consultant leaves his luxury lifestyle in Manhattan taking refuge in upstate New York. While on a drinking binge, he sets his house on fire. This introduces him to the local volunteer fire company members. They convince him to join their ranks and his life is turned around.