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Read-Alikes: Sue Monk Kidd

If you enjoyed the diversity and magic of The Secret Life of Bees, try one of these titles on for size.

Carolivia Herron
Thereafter Johnnie
Framed by a narrative that uses twenty-four chapters to describe a full day, Johnnie Snowdon embarks on a personal genealogy project and learns passionate truths about her family, history, and culture.
Joshilyn Jackson
Gods in Alabama
Much against her will, Arlene Fleet returns to her hometown of Possett, Alabama, to straighten out the mysterious mess surrounding the murder of a high school football star in 1985.
Gloria Mallette
Distant Lover
Tandi Crawford struggles to make peace with her father, for whom she becomes responsible when he suffers a near-fatal stroke.
Bev Marshall
Right as Rain
A highly competitive friendship and an interracial love story are the centerpieces of this novel, set on a Southern farm in 1968.
Suzan-Lori Parks
Getting Mother's Body
The possibility of inherited jewels sends Billy Beede on a road trip to recover her mother Willa Mae's remains. However, Billy must compete for both baubles and body with Dill, Willa Mae's former lover.
Leslie Pietrzyk
A Year and A Day
A series of conversations with her dead mother helps Alice Martin better understand her own past, present, and possible futures
Ann Tatlock
All the Way Home
Angie and Sunny's friendship was torn apart when Sunny and her family were sent to an internment camp for Japanese Americans during World War II. Reunited as adults, the two women must work together to advance the cause of racial justice in the Vietnam-era South.
Augusta Trobaugh
Swan Place
Fourteen-year-old Dove relies on the powers of faith and family ties to survive a series of tragedies that come to her small town in Georgia.
Olympia Vernon
Rebellious Maddy Dangerfield navigates her way through the thicket of her family's dysfunction by forming an alliance with her aunt, who is dying of breast cancer.
Steve Yarbrough
Visible Spirits
In the year 1902, brothers Tandy and Leighton Payne spar over whether or not an African American woman should hold the job of postmistress in their hometown of Loring, Mississippi.