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Horror Beyond the Classics

Less well known, but equally scary.

Ashe, Rosalind
A high-toned hybrid of two favorite forms-gothic and occult-this is the story of an old Georgian house in Oxfordshire, the young couple who buy it, Nemo and James Boyce, and the donnish narrator Harris who falls in love with both the house and Nemo.
The Best Supernatural Tales of Arthur Conan Doyle
Fifteen stories in the supernatural genre by the creator of Sherlock Holmes. Superlative examples of Doyle's superior narrative style, these are well-plotted, powerfully descriptive tales of the occult, spiritualism, Egyptian magic, psychometry, ghosts, and demoniacal possession.
Card, Orson Scott
Treasure Box: a Novel
Falling instantly in love and marrying Madeleine, overworked lawyer Quentin believes his life is perfect except for his cantankerous in-laws, who participate in vicious infighting beyond his worst suspicions. In this ghost story, appearances can't be trusted and people aren't always in control of their actions.
Disch, Thomas M.
The Businessman: a Tale of Terror
Black humor and a surreal plot feature in this tale of an executive who kills his beautiful, young wife, who later returns to haunt him. The story becomes a wild, laugh-out-loud romp that enhances the terror of the starkest scenes.
Heidish, Marcy
The Torching: a Novel
Bookstore proprietor and novelist Alice Grey, determined to discover the truth about an eighteenth-century Massachusetts midwife burned as a witch, finds herself haunted by dark dreams and a serious of gruesome murders in this gratifying psychological suspense tale.
Monahan, Brent
The Book of Common Dread
The world of the bibliophile and the vampire merge in this modern vampire tale. Vincent DeVilbiss travels to Princeton University to destroy an ancient cuneiform scroll being translated that will reveal the secrets of the underworld and make possible the defeat of the Dark Forces that control him.
Moore, Christopher
Practical Demonkeeping: a Comedy of Horrors
A people-eating demon threatens a sleepy California resort town in Moore's offbeat, good-natured, and often funny debut novel.
Prill, David
Dating Secrets of the Dead
This slim volume contains two short stories and a novella that will appeal to horror and fantasy fans who appreciate a chilling mixture of humor and nostalgia.
Roszak, Theodore
The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein
The story of Victor Frankenstein, his quest for forbidden knowledge, and his creation of the Creature is told through the voice of Elizabeth, Victor's doomed fiancée, in a retelling of Mary Shelley's classic. Elizabeth has her full say here, and what a supremely gothic--and feminist--tale she tells.
Spencer, William Browning
Resumé with Monsters
Taking a night-shift job in Austin, Texas, in the hopes of rekindling a relationship, Philip Kenan confronts the surreal phantoms of his past and present employment situations, and seeks help from an unorthodox therapist in this harrowing satire.
Warner, Sylvia Townsend
Lolly Willowes, and Mr. Fortune's Maggot
Published in 1966, Lolly Willowes begins with reality-the condition of an upper-class young woman doomed by her aversion to men to the horrors of Edwardian spinsterhood-and ends in the supernatural, when she falls into the hands of Satan.
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn
Hotel Transylvania: a Novel of Forbidden Love
This gothic vampire tales is set in Paris in the mid-18th century. The innocent and beautiful Madelaine falls in love with the Comte de Saint Germain, a vampire, who helps her escape from a cult of devil-worshipers. Recommended for readers who have done all of Anne Rice.