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Oh That's Gross

Fiction to make your skin crawl and stomach turn . . .

Crichton, Michael
Andromeda Strain
After a satellite crashes and releases an organism, scientists try to confine the deadly bacteria that infects a remote town in Arizona. Andromeda Strain is Crichton's first novel and was written while he was still in medical school.
Ellis, Bret Easton
American Psycho
A hedonistic Wall Streeter in 1980s Manhattan brutally tortures and kills his victims often following sadistic rituals. No one is immune to his attacks, made even worse by the cold, matter-of-fact manner in which he carries them out.
Kerr, Philip
The Second Angel
It's 2069, plagues have wreaked havoc on Earth, and most inhabitants have been infected with a deadly virus that can only be counteracted by an untainted blood transfusion. Blood is the new commodity, and a major blood bank is located on the moon. Problems arise when the man who developed the impenetrable computer system protecting the blood supply becomes a security risk.
Ketchum, Jack
Off Season
Tourists from New York City try to relax in Maine, but cave-dwelling cannibals have a different plan for them. Publishers Weekly called Off Season a "merciless tale of human evil."
Ketchum, Jack
In the long-awaited sequel to Off Season, the family of cannibals reappears in Maine 10 years later.
King, Stephen
In 1958, a group of teenagers search for an evil creature in the drains beneath Derry, Maine. In 1985, one of them contacts the other six and reminds them of a promise they made. They return to their hometown to face an horrific, shape-changing entity.
Mieville, China
King Rat
Saul Garamond's life turns upside down when he's sent to prison for murder, but nothing compares to what happens when he encounters King Rat and learns about the world beneath the streets of London and Saul's connection to this subterranean realm.
Releford, Dallas
Cicada Summer
Emerging from the earth after 17 years, cicadas invade a small southern town and begin killing every living thing. No one believed old man Riley when he said something was about to happen. But one by one the community members join him in battling the onslaught.
Sigler, Scott
An alien parasite is infecting people, causing itchy blue patches on their skin. The triangular markings are the least of the problem when otherwise normal people to become homicidal maniacs. A CIA agent and an epidemiologist team up to find out why.
Wandrei, Howard
Time Burial
This collection of 20 fantasy tales originally appeared in 1930s pulp magazines and includes such titles as Time Burial, The Black Farm, The Glass Coffin, O Little Nightmare, The Other, and The Monocle.

Updated: 11/13/2009