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Captivated by The Da Vinci Code?

Captivated by The Da Vinci Code? Try these read-alikes!

Asensi, Matilde
The Last Cato: A Novel
Sister Ottavia Salina is called in to investigate the "stavrofilakes" a secret brotherhood entrusted with the protection of the "true cross".
Berry, Steve
The Templar Legacy
Ex-U.S. Justice Department agent Cotton Malone searches for the treasure of The Knights Templar in the modern world.
Berry, Steve
The Third Secret: A Novel of Suspense
The third secret of the children of Fatima was released to Pope John Paul II in 2000 -- but was it the real message?
Khoury, Raymond
The Last Templar
Four Templar Knights ride their horses through the front door of the Metropolitan Museum of Art looking for a device that can unlock the true history of Christianity.
Kostova, Elizabeth
The Historian
After opening a mysterious book in her late father's library, a young girl becomes his "dear and unfortunate successor" in the search for Dracula.
Mosse, Kate
Two women living eight centuries apart dart and dodge after the Holy Grail.
Reilly, Matthew
7 Deadly Wonders: A Novel
Broken into seven pieces by Alexander the Great, the Golden Capstone, if made whole, can provide unlimited power.
Sierra, Javier
The Secret Supper: A Novel
Leonardo Da Vinci is accused by the "soothsayer" of painting heretical messages in The Last Supper. Fra Agostino Leyre is sent to deny or confirm.