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Music Audiobooks

The Music, Film and Audio department has always had an extensive collection of both fiction and non-fiction audio books on CD, but not many on music...until now! Check out these music-related audiobooks.

Songs and stories from the road

A collection of interviews and music from the first ten years of American routes, a weekly radio program broadcast on Lafayette, La. public radio station KRVS.


Heavier than heaven: a biography of Kurt Cobain

Examines the life, career, and suicide of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.


Room full of mirrors: a biography of Jimi Hendrix

Based on over 300 interviews and private documents, this biography recounts the entire spectrum of Jimi Hendrix's life-- from his troubled childhood to his rapid ascent in swinging London to headlining Woodstrock to his death in 1970.


The history of opera

Since its origins in the 16th century, opera has been an extravagant, costly affair, arousing great passions. It has also produced some of the most sublime works of art, from Monteverdi to Wagner. Following the widely acclaimed History of classical music, Richard Fawkes traces the history of opera up to the present day on the first three parts; and devote the fourth to the history of operetta.


The life of Mozart

Edward Holmes, a schoolfellow of Keats, provides the first complete account of Mozart, based upon Mozart's own letters and memoirs. In this biography, written long before the significance of Mozart's work was fully realized, Holmes captures his struggles, his influence on art and the brilliant reputations that surrounded him.


The life and works of Chopin

Narrated by Jeremy Siepmann, with Anton Lesser and others; Idil Biret, piano, with other performers (in musical excerpts).


Ticket to ride

Get an inside peek and go backstage with the Fab Four.


The romanticism of the Russian soul

A concert with commentary.


Divided soul: the life of Marvin Gaye

David Ritz presents a musical biography of his friend and colleague, Marvin Gaye. Using interviews and personal stories of the music sensation, Ritz recreates the turbulent life and career of one of the 20th Century's most talented performers.


Appetite for self-destruction

Covering 30 years, freelance music business writer Steve Knopper chronicles the music industry's journey through the digital age from the birth of CDs to plummeting sales in light of Napster and iTunes. Knopper reveals the new millennium dire straits of the music distribution industry and predicts where it will go from here.


The life and works of Franz Liszt

Read by the author with Neville Jason as Liszt.